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Robert Burt Fine Art

Drama and serenity - these two words may seem at odds with one another, yet both aptly describe the uncommon work of Robert Burt. He is a  dynamic artist who has made such an impact as he moved form medium to medium, always deepening his technique and his talent, always expressing his sense of wonder and love for the world he observes and describes in his paintings.

Burt began his love of art in New York, going into the City to study the galleries as he first studied under his uncle. He moved quickly to classes at the Art Student's League in Woodstock, working in batik. Soon he had his own galleries in  New York and North Carolina.

Already a
successful artist in his field in the 80's, a trip to Europe proved a turning point. Being introduced to new scenery, new techniques, and new ideas encouraged him to begin work in pastels. Another significant shift came in the mid-90's when a trip to New Mexico drew Burt to sell his galleries in North Carolina and move to Santa Fe, where the intense colors of the Southwest brought about new, definitive work in acrylics.

Today, Burt's acrylic works bring to life the sleepy and yet colorfully vivid peace of the New Mexico countryside, as well as the many other countries of Latin America that he has traveled to and been influenced by. They invite the viewer to partake of the gentle world that lies beyond the city: a more natural world where you can hear the gentle buzz of cicadas, feel the softness of the rays of the sun on fields, smell the earthy aroma of adobe. While the colors reflect the strong vibrancy of sun-drenched lands and village life, the subjects themselves are reflective of a world that has stood the test of time, beyond the hustle and bustle of modern life. 
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